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Are you tired of scammers and unpaid investments?
we’ll make some money together!


What is BUSTAX? Bustax is a high profitable, secure and stable investment program. By combinig the knowledge, expertise, unique tactics and strategys, Bustax has the most succesful trading, commodity, stock and cryptocurrency exchange mini-bots. All you need to do is invest with us and get a high and stable income! What’s bot?  It’s a computer program that executes automated tasks over the internet. Think of it as software’s version of the steel-and-cable robots that weld cars or assist surgeons. We have thousands of those!  Our modern login/register system allows the user to login with the Google account and wants to receive the profits in. It is secure because only the Google account used to login can receive the profits. An ingenious solution to make our users more safe. Our servers are also protected 24/7.